Past Life Explored

Survival of the fittest….3 hour trip looking at how Islanders lived and survived in previous generations, looking back over 300 years of history, with an insight into accommodation, work, clans and community life.

Pictish Life

The how and why of Picts… 4 hour trip across Lewis taking a look at Iron Age Stone Circles Forts, Houses and Mills which highlight some of Pictish Life on Lewis covering Great Bernera and Carloway.

Circle of Life

A look at life in today’s Hebrides.  2 hour tour with an overview of how practices have continued through the ages with crofting, fishing, weaving, and artisan craft production.

Natural Life

Harris, a creation above….4 hour trip covering a circular route taking in beaches, mountains, rocks and the extremes of rural community.  A unique landscape with beaches to the west, a lunar landscape to the east, and social harmony at its heart.

Marine Life

Coastal Waters….3 hour trip looking at the role of the sea on Hebridean Life.  From Ness, the most north-westerly vantage point in the British Isles, we will look for basking sharks at the Butt of Lewis and consider the impact the Atlantic has had on our history.

Preserving Life

Building a Future…2 hour trip around Stornoway and the Eye Peninsula.  The impact of modernity, the restoration of local landmarks and the retention of communities in the face of the many and varied challenges of modern living.

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